Patio Fountain with Sphere
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The “Patio Fountain Collection” with its elegant clean lines will serve a dramatic focal point in the garden, as well as provide the soothing sound of gently bubbling water over the sphere fountain, into a majestic basin below. 

Dramatic and stunning elegance is embodied in this captivating fountain and will surely be a dramatic focal point in your garden. All fountains are completely plumbed & include recirculating pump, tubing and instructions & come with a Warranty of 1 year limited fountain; 1 year pump.

            Brookfield products are cast of fiber reinforced concrete.  This material has great weather resistance, less porosity and greater flexibility than other materials, thus allowing them to be used outdoors indefinitely in virtually any climate or location.

            Products are available in a variety of colors and finishes, as well as with a textured surface. Please see colors and finishes below:


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