Solar Bird Baths

   Sometimes fresh, clean water is hard for a bird to find. You can make a bird's day simply by offering a drink and a bath. Parent birds will often bring their babies to the bath after they fledge and show them where it is.    Like the baby robin getting its first bath in a Bird Bath Fountain water will actually attract more species of birds than feeders will.  Adding  Solar powered Bird Bath water fountain to your outdoor landscape would be an excellent choice in outside garden fountains. You'll not only enjoy the calming sound effects of trickling water to soothe and relax your mind and body, it costs you nothing to power that solar fountain.

   A solar powered bird bath requires no additional plumbing or electrical wiring. Place it in your front or backyard, terrace, or even on your deck.Just be sure to position the solar bird bath in a sunny location where it can absorb nature's solar energy. The constant movement of the water in a solar water fountain has two major benefits, it attracts birds more readily because birds detect moving water from a greater distance than a stagnant outdoor fountain, and it deters the breeding of mosquitoes.

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